$250/25% HB Real Property Tax Appeal Request 2022

$250 Real Property Tax Appeal Agreement and Authorization

  • I authorize CBPTS to file any and all forms necessary to accomplish said appeal, to negotiate assessment values and to represent me, as applicable before the Board of Assessors, arbitration or Board of Equalization. I am the record owner of this property, or if an entity owns the property, I am duly authorized and empowered to enter into this agreement. I appoint CBPTS as my agent and authorize CBPTS to seek reduction in my property tax assessment, file administrative appeals, negotiate assessment values with the county taxing authority, schedule or reschedule hearings with arbitrator or the Board of Equalization, present my case before the Arbitration Panel or County Board of Equalization if necessary or otherwise represent my interests before the county taxing authorities for purposes of reducing the assessed value of the above referenced property.

  • By typing my name below, I authorize Campbell & Brannon Property Tax Service, LLC ("CBPTS") to appeal the property tax assessment of the above reference property for the current tax year.