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As you may have heard in the news, the Fulton County Commissioners voted on Wednesday to change the 2017 Tax Digest in an effort to provide relief to taxpayers and to allow for further review of the Tax Digest. As part of this decision the Commissioners declared that the property values proposed for the 2017 digest shall roll back to the 2016 values. As a result, all residential Notices of Assessment have been made null and void, the current appeal window has been closed, and all existing appeals have been made void. Consequently, our firm will shred all checks that have been issued to us for 2017 Fulton County appeals, unless otherwise directed.

Once Fulton County has recalculated the 2017 Tax Digest, the Board of Assessors will issue new Notices of Assessment reflecting updated property values. The new assessments will be mailed out, they expect, in late July or possibly August. At that time the appeal window will re-open, allowing another 45 day appeal period. When the new Notice of Assessment is received, please review the notice and contact us if anything seems incorrect, if you feel that you have grounds for an appeal, or if you have any additional questions regarding the appeal process.

We look forward to a timely resolution of the issues regarding this year’s tax digest for all taxpayers, and are happy to help ensure that properties are assessed correctly and fairly this year and in the future.

Campbell and Brannon Tax Services, LLC is here to fight for the rights of the property owner and assist in the reduction of their tax liability to the County and City Governments. We reduce your tax liability by appealing the county’s appraised fair market value of your property. If the value is not reduced by the Boards of Assessors (BOA) then Campbell and Brannon Tax Services, LLC will continue to appeal and represent you at the Boards of Equalization (BOE).

Whether your appeal is at the BOA level or BOE your Campbell and Brannon tax consultant representative will present a comprehensive data report detailing why the county appraised value of your property should be reduced. If your appeal is forwarded to the BOE, one of our property tax consultants will personally represent you at the tax appeal hearing.

Campbell and Brannon Tax Services, LLC is a full service firm, we can:

  • File your property tax return and meet all deadlines
  • File all appeal documents with the tax assessor on your behalf
  • Collect, research and analyze market data to be used in the appeal
  • Develop a reasonable and fair taxable value for your property
  • Personally meet & negotiate with county tax assessors on your behalf
  • Present evidence at the Boards of Equalization tax appeal hearing

So…if you’re paying a lot in property taxes and want to appeal your property’s taxable value, if you want a competent real estate professional by your side, if you want experience working on your behalf, if you want to save and put money back in your pocket then don’t miss out on this opportunity, call or email us now. The time is right now! Stop paying more than your fair share of taxes and start saving today.

See below for the Campbell & Brannon Tax Appeal Engagement letter.

This should be completed and emailed to one of the contacts above to initiate the appeal.

Property Tax Appeal Form