Andrew Grattan




Andrew began his career in real estate right out of law school, working for a boutique closing firm in Alpharetta. After a brief stint practicing community association litigation, he worked as general counsel for a real estate brokerage in Roswell, where he gained valuable knowledge about the brokerage side of real estate. He believes the time spent working with agents in navigating the closing experience helped him become a better and more compassionate closing attorney. In 2020, Andrew returned to the closing world and has not looked back.

Andrew married his wife, a pediatric nurse, in November 2016. They welcomed their first son in May 2019, with his brother following in the summer of 2021. Proud dad is a gross understatement. An avid runner, Andrew can count on one hand how many days he has taken off from running in the last 4 years. Though he does not have a dawg (or tiger, or elephant) in the fight, Andrew is a diehard fan of all things college football. In addition to college football, he never misses a Falcons game (though he sometimes wishes he had). You could say all sports appeal to him.
When not in the closing room or taking care of “the boys,” Andrew enjoys getting a group together for a round of golf.