Buyer acknowledgements, waivers and other reminders

Acknowledgements, waivers and other reminders

Other Reminders:

  • Some lenders require 2 forms of photo identification.
  • If you are purchasing with 1031 Exchange funds, please put us in touch with the qualified intermediary as soon as possible.

Acknowledgment and Waivers:
By completing and submitting your online form you agreed to and/or acknowledged the following:

  • That you received our wiring instructions in the online form and agree to receiving wiring instructions via the CertifID platform used by Campbell and Brannon.
  • That these wiring instructions will not change and that you may call Campbell & Brannon at a known telephone number to confirm them prior to initiating any wire.
  • The fees quoted contemplate that we will be the issuing agent for any title insurance policy (or policies) insuring title associated with this purchase and sale. If you elect not to purchase an owner’s title insurance policy, we reserve the right to increase the fees charged on the transaction to adequately reflect the attorney and paralegal’s time spend, or to decline to close the transaction all together.
  • That you will hold harmless Campbell & Brannon for any and all actions, demands, claims, costs, expenses, injuries, and attorney’s fees related to any losses resulting from wiring based on fraudulent wiring instructions and my failure to adhere to these instructions.
  • That you authorize Campbell & Brannon, LLC to release any settlement statement, disbursement summaries, closing documents, other document and/or information related to or arising out of the transaction to the other party and to third parties related to the transaction, including but not limited to, underwriters, appraisers, insurance providers, utility companies, homeowner’s associations or their management companies, etc