Buyer Reminders

Please note our closing reminder information below:

Receiving settlement statements via secure email:

  • For security purposes, Campbell & Brannon settlement statements are sent via secure email several days prior to closing.
  • You should expect to receive an email from Zix requesting that you login to retrieve the document. You will be prompted to create a login and password.
  • Our statements only go out via secure email so please make sure you view and open this when received so you may have an opportunity to address questions prior to closing.

Closing Funds/Incoming Wires:

  • All funds due at closing over $5000 must be wired, personal or cashier’s checks under $5000 are okay.
  • Campbell & Brannon has adopted CertifID, a fraud prevention platform that allows us to confirm your identity and protect the transfer of your funds. The frequency and sophistication of fraud surrounding wiring instructions used in closings is growing and CertifID helps keep us safer. There is a $10 fee at the time of closing for this security platform.
  • The purpose of this platform is to have one trusted source for wiring instructions; you should assume wiring instructions received by any other means are fraudulent. Our wiring instructions will not change.
  • You will soon be contacted by CertifID and asked to “Get Started” by clicking on a secure link. Follow the steps to confirm your identity and confirm that you have received our wiring information. It will take less than 2 minutes.
  • Once you have received a “Status: CertifID”, please take a screen shot of the wiring instructions so you will have them when you need to send the wire.
  • If you base your wire on an estimate, we can refund any overage or take a check for up to $5000.
  • Several weeks prior to closing, contact your bank or financial institution to confirm their wiring requirements and turnaround times.
  • Wires should arrive in our account prior to closing. We recommend you allow at least one day to accommodate for potential delays in the process.
  • Do not send electronic or ACH Transfers as they will be rejected and cause a closing delay.
  • Some online processes are actually ACH Transfers, do not initiate a wire online.

Not Attending Closing:

  • If you cannot attend closing we must be notified as soon as possible. We encourage all buyers to attend closing personally as Georgia is not an escrow state.
  • Florida Tax: If you are not attending closing AND you will be signing loan documents while in the state of Florida, please contact our office for more information on a potential Florida tax.
  • We may be able to offer a Power of Attorney or Mailaway with advance notice and lender approval.

Power of Attorney (POA):

  • All POAs must be reviewed and approved well in advance of closing by both the lender and our office.
  • Some lenders do not allow POAs or have specific requirements so allow time for approval.
  • We are happy to prepare a POA for you. There is a $125 fee collected at closing.
  • POAs must be signed in the physical presence of both a witness and a notary.
  • We must have the original POA at closing to record.


  • Mailaways occur when the closing documents are sent to your nearest appropriate title company for execution. This company typically charges an additional fee.
  • You will sign the documents in the presence of a witness and a notary, and then email a copy to us prior to having the documents overnighted to our office.
  • Mailaways must be approved by your lender and the closing package available to us at least 3 days in advance.
  • The mailaway fee if you are financing is $350.
  • We highly discourage this option as it provides too much room for improperly executed documents and insufficient time to process a package and sign paperwork prior to the deadline.

Title to property:

  • Please let us know if you will be putting the property in a trust, company or adding a part to title (that was no reflected on the signed contract).
  • If more than one purchaser, you should have indicated on your completed questionnaire how you would like to hold title. If this changes, let us know immediately. Your options are Joint Tenants with Rights of Survivorship (Each own undivided equal interest and upon death of one their interest automatically passes to the other) or Tenants in Common( Owners own together but not necessarily in equal shares and a deceased owner’s interest passes to the estate (probate required)

Other Reminders:

  • Some lenders require 2 forms of photo identification.
  • If you are purchasing with 1031 Exchange funds, please put us in touch with the qualified intermediary as soon as possible.
  • Not occupying the property? Make sure to provide us with an alternative address to receive the tax bill

Acknowledgment and Waivers:
By completing and submitting your online form you agreed to and/or acknowledged the following:

  • That you will  receiving wiring instructions via the CertifID platform used by Campbell and Brannon.
  • That these wiring instructions will not change and that you may call Campbell & Brannon at a known telephone number to confirm them prior to initiating any wire.
  • The fees quoted contemplate that we will be the issuing agent for any title insurance policy (or policies) insuring title associated with this purchase and sale. If you elect not to purchase an owner’s title insurance policy, we reserve the right to increase the fees charged on the transaction to adequately reflect the attorney and paralegal’s time spend, or to decline to close the transaction all together.
  • That you will hold harmless Campbell & Brannon for any and all actions, demands, claims, costs, expenses, injuries, and attorney’s fees related to any losses resulting from wiring based on fraudulent wiring instructions and my failure to adhere to these instructions.
  • That you authorize Campbell & Brannon, LLC to release any settlement statement, disbursement summaries, closing documents, other document and/or information related to or arising out of the transaction to the other party and to third parties related to the transaction, including but not limited to, underwriters, appraisers, insurance providers, utility companies, homeowner’s associations or their management companies, etc