Introducing our virtual assistant, CBee

General Office Questions

  • Where are you located?
  • What are your hours?
  • What is your phone number?
  • How can I get my earnest money deposit to you?
  • Who do I make the check out to?
  • What are your fees / rates?
  • Can I leave a message?

Cost Estimates

  • Seller Net Sheet
  • Buyer Cost Estimate
  • Refinance Cost Estimate

Current Closing File Update/Questions

  • When is my close date?
  • Where is my closing?
  • Who is working on my file?
  • I want to leave a message / note on my file.
  • Are we recorded?
  • Has the contract been received?
  • Did you receive my wire?
  • Did you get my survey?
  • When did you receive this file?
  • Can I get a copy of a document?
  • Give me a copy of the settlement statement.
  • Is funding complete? Is my closing complete? Is my closing funded?
  • Did my file close?
  • Have the title policies been disbursed?

Closing File Management

  • I have questions about a past closing.
  • What are my closings this week?
  • Show me my open files.
  • Show me my closings for the last year.

General Title Insurance Questions

  • What is title insurance?
  • Why do I need a survey?

Chat Session

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