Not attending closing

Not Attending Closing:

  • If you cannot attend closing we must be notified as soon as possible.
  • We may be able to offer a Power of Attorney or Mailaway with advance notice and lender approval.

Power of Attorney (POA):

  • All POAs must be reviewed and approved well in advance of closing by both the lender and us.
  • Some lenders do not allow POAs or have specific requirements so allow time for approval.
  • We are happy to prepare a POA for you. There is a $75 fee collected at closing.
  • POAs must be signed in the physical presence of both a witness and a notary.
  • We must have the original POA at closing to record.


  • Mailaways occur when the closing documents are sent to your nearest appropriate title company for execution. This company typically charges an additional fee.
  • You will sign the documents with a witness and a notary, email a copy to us prior to having the documents overnighted to our office.
  • Mailaways must be approved by your lender and closing papers available 3 days in advance.
  • The mailaway fee is $200.
  • We highly discourage this option.