Attorney Contact:
Kelsey Grodzicki

In the event the lender is the purchaser at the foreclosure sale, and the former owner continues to reside in the property or there are personal belongings remaining in the property, an eviction or dispossessory proceeding should be filed. Our staff works closely with the lender as well as the agent to ensure a timely and professional removal of the tenant(s) and/or personal belongings.

The following services are provided:

  • Demand to vacate letter
  • Court service of notice
  • Attendance at court hearing in the event an answer is filed by the tenant
  • Continuing communication between lender, agent and tenant to ensure all procedures are handled legally and professionally
  • Coordination with the eviction or removal crew, agent, and sheriff or marshal
  • Customized status reports
  • Please note that we highly recommend a dispossessory action be filed in any case where personal belongings remain on or in the property. Should the former tenant claim valuables were removed without the court’s permission, the lender can be held responsible.