Seller Reminders

Thank you for completing and submitting your pre-closing questionnaire.

Please note closing reminder information below:

Receiving settlement statements via secure email:

  • Campbell & Brannon settlement statements are sent via secure email several days prior to closing for security purposes.
  • You should expect to receive an email from Zix requesting that you login to retrieve the document. You will be prompted to create a login and password.
  • Our statements only go out via secure email so please make sure you view and open this when received so that you have an opportunity to address questions prior to closing.

Seller Proceeds Wire:

  • Fraudulent attempts to divert funds transferred in connection with real estate closings are rampant.  Be on guard and know that Campbell & Brannon is doing all we can to keep your funds safe.
  • If you are attending closing:  You can bring your wiring instructions to us at closing OR we can always give you a check for the proceeds amount.  Note that many banks place holds on checks until they are cleared.  For that reason, many sellers prefer the immediate credit of a wire transfer.
  • If you are not attending closing and request your proceeds to be wired, we will send you both an email and text for our fraud prevention platform, CertifID. The CertifID platform allows us to confirm your identity in real time and verifies the bank account information.  It is quick, easy and secure.  If your wiring instructions are confirmed through the CertifID platform, the transaction is actually insured (up to $1,000,000).  It’s just one more tool we have adopted to make sure you have a positive closing experience.
  • At the time of closing, there is a $35 seller proceeds wire fee and a $10 CertifID wire account verification fee, if applicable.

Mortgages & Homeowners Associations (if applicable):

  • If you have an escrow account for taxes and insurance with your mortgage, please notify your lender of your forwarding address for refunded balance.
  • Cancel any automatic drafts for your mortgage or HOA payments in plenty of time prior to closing
  • Payments made immediately before closing may not post in time to be reflected at closing.
  • We will order payoffs after the date of your last payment as provided on your completed seller information form. Please let us know if this date changes to ensure we collect an accurate amount for the payoff at closing.
  • Your equity line may be frozen when a payoff is ordered. Please remember to not make any additional draws. If you do make a draw on your equity line, please let us know so that we can order a new payoff.

Not Attending Closing:

  • Please notify us as soon as possible if you cannot attend closing.
  • We can offer multiple options with advance notice: split closing (signing at a different time than buyer), email away (print emailed documents and sign with a witness and notary) and Power of Attorney (appoint another person to sign on your behalf). There are potential fees associated as outlined on the questionnaire.

Non-resident alien:

  • If you reply yes on the questionnaire, our office will contact you about the possibility of FIRPTA withholdings.

Tax Appeals:

  • If your taxes are under appeal, we will hold enough funds in escrow to pay the final bill issued once the appeal is settled, assuming an unsuccessful appeal .You must notify us when the tax commissioner issues the final bill. Time frames vary for resolution of appeals so we have no way of knowing the bill is final if you don’t let us know. Any amount in excess of what is due as a result of an appeal will be refunded back to you. This service is provided to you free of charge.

Funds Due at Closing:

  • If funds are owed for this sale, we require those funds be wired to our escrow account.
  • Please request our wiring instructions and note that our instructions will NEVER change during the transaction. If you receive any modification to our wire instructions via any plaform, you should assume it is fraudulent.

Change in circumstances:

  • Please let our office know immediately if your answers to any of our questions changes after completed (i.e. divorce, bankruptcy, liens, attending closing, 1031 Exchange)

Other Reminders:

  • If your forwarding address was not available when submitting the online form, please make sure you provide it to us prior to closing.
  • Campbell & Brannon is a law firm and can only represent one of the parties in the transaction, typically the lender or buyer, and may not be relied upon by seller in any capacity unless provided otherwise in writing.
  • In some areas, the coordination of water service is critical. If you have not already determined the turn-off dates of  your utilities, please discuss with your agent or with your buyer.
  • If you did not provide your photo ID along with your completed questionnaire, please send to us prior to closing. This helps us facilitate a faster closing when you arrive in our office.
  • If your contract requires a termite letter and/or bond, make sure appropriate paperwork is forwarded to us well advance of closing to comply with the contract requirements.

Please let us know if you have any questions about the above, and we look forward to working with you!